I love my Drobo!

Got my Drobo on Friday, and I must say I very happy with it. The reason for investing in a Drobo (which are quite expensive in Australia and Data Robotics doesn’t ship to Australia) is because 2 weeks ago, my main mass storage device (a 1TB Western Digital) external HDD died after it fell about 5cm onto the floor. Most stuff I could get back, so I wasnt so worried about that,  except for all the pictures of my kids…. I have to say I was fairly annoyed about the experience.

 A couple of days later I calmed down and tried the freezer trick on the 1TB HDD, which worked, and continues to work now, which is a bonus, but I still got my Drobo cause I don’t want to have to go through that again.

For those of you that don’t know, Drobo is a type of RAID storage device. It uses something called BeyondRAID storage technology, which while it works the same a RAID 5 is allows you to mix and match your HDDs. A standard RAID device doesnt let you do that and I didnt really want to buy a whole bunch of the same drive after just forking out $650 for the Drobo.

RAID 5 is striped disks with distributed parity, which means is puts parts of a file across multiple disks. BeyondRaid has the features of RAID 5, plus many more like Instant Expansion,  Automatic Healing,  Data Aware,  Mixed Drive Size Utilization and Drive Re-Ordering.

 The only useful drives that I have lying around to use are a couple of 160GB and a 320GB, but it does the job. I’ve started copying data over to it and the blue indicator lights down the bottom let me know how full the drive is getting so I dont have to log into the Drobo Dashboard to find out.

I took some pictures as I unboxed my new toy.

While it doesnt connect to the network that really isnt an issue for me as it will be connected to a always on PC, be it Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 and I can just share the drives out from there.

All in all I am very impressed with this product!


About Phill McSherry
Phill McSherry has been working in the Australian IT industry for over 20 years and is the technical manager and solutions architect for managed services provider Titan Solutions - www.titansolutions.com.au

2 Responses to I love my Drobo!

  1. soniajansson says:

    Mine just bailed on me. After 2 month. 5000€ to recover my data. My best advice would be don’t buy it, but since you already did, you can get my next best advice: Backup it! Really. Good luck with your Drobo.

  2. restingsysadmin says:

    Thanks, and I’m sorry to hear about your drobo dying on you.
    Seeming not backing up was my problem in the first place, I am now ultra paranoid about making sure the important things are backed up on more then 1 device now. I do understand were your coming from and I was looking at $2500 AUD to recover my data off the old drive before I got lucky with it.

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