2012 Scripting Games Wrap Up

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Ed “Scripting Guy” Wilson at Microsoft, It was this nice certificate of participation in the 2012 Scripting Games.

While I cant say that I killed it in the games, personally I think I did pretty well for myself. I entered into the beginner category as I have only really just started scripting. I also wasn’t sure what to expect and figured it was the safe bet.

I missed out on Event 8 mostly because I was trying to overthink it and just gave up. So out of the 9 events, 4 scripts received 5 stars, 1 was given 4.5 stars and 1 was given 4 stars, which to me seems pretty good for a first time go!

While I haven’t really made any use out of the scripts that I created for the games (expect for the server uptime script), it has given me a better understanding of how things work in PowerShell and enabled me to write some other scripts that I use for work.

I can most certainly say that I will be participating in next years games (Hopefully in the Advanced category)




About Phill McSherry
Phill McSherry has been working in the Australian IT industry for over 20 years and is the technical manager and solutions architect for managed services provider Titan Solutions - www.titansolutions.com.au

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