Apple iPhone: About unlocking

iPhone - Unlocking

Back in August of 2010, I had to unlock my iPhone. The process was pretty straightforward, call Telstra and have them unlock the iPhone. They send a code to Apples servers which then unlocks your iPhone when you sync with iTunes.

The image below shows the message I got when I plugged my iPhone into iTunes once my carrier had unlocked it.

iPhone Unlocked

Fast forward 2 and a bit years and while trying to get iPhones unlocked for work, I don’t get this confirmation message anymore. If I check with a different SIM, I can confirm that it has indeed been unlocked, but I just don’t get the confirmation message.

While its a hassle to swap SIMs to confirm that it has been unlocked, its not a big deal, but of course, my manager would prefer that this confirmation message is displayed to make her feel more comfortable about it being unlocked.

Upon further investigation I found this document from Apple KB HT5014.

Step 3 is what surprises me the most, because you never had to do this.

iPhone - Unlocking Step 3

So thank you Apple for making my life more difficult just so I can get a stupid message to come up in iTunes

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