Setting Network Interface Priority On Windows 8 with the GUI

Since upgrading to Windows 8, I have had problems with applications working with the proxy at work, ISA 2004.

As ISA 2004 is going to be decommissioned in the next couple of months, and the fact I have way too much work on, I opted for the easy way out, get my internet access from the guest wireless while using my wired connection for my domain related activities.

First type “view network connections” and click on the first option. This will throw you out to the Desktop and open the Network Connections window.

ViewNetworkConnections       NetworkConnections

Right click and select Properties for the network adaptor that you wish to change the priority for.

Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), if that is what your using and click “Properties”

Next click the “Advanced…” button in the bottom right hand corner

EthernetProperties         InternetProtocolVersion4Properties

Untick the “Automatic metric” and type a number in the “Interface metric” box. The lower the number the higher the preference.

AdvancedTCPIPSettings        AdvancedTCPIPSettingsInterfaceMetric

Click “OK” on all the windows to close them out and your done.

In my configuration, I set the wired connection to 5 and the wifi connection to 1.

Remember: You must do this for all active NICs to make sure they are in the right order.

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About Phill McSherry
Phill McSherry has been working in the Australian IT industry for over 20 years and is the technical manager and solutions architect for managed services provider Titan Solutions -

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