2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Well 2012 has finished and 2013 has just begun!

Wow, doesn’t time get away from you? The year of 2012 seemed to have only lasted weeks instead of months!

The number one thing I wanted to do was blog more, well that didn’t work out as well as I expected. I also wanted to be more involved in the local tech community here in Australia, again that didn’t work out as well as expected, but I did take some steps in that direction.

Highlights for 2012 included attending my first TechEd up on the Gold Coast (videos here), going to the AUTechHeads TechEd party where I meeting a bunch of cool people, and being awarded a Symantec BExpert for Backup Exec 2012.

My most popular post was this hairy little Outlook issue with a total views of 3,022 in 2012. followed by my first post on Backup Exec 2012 PowerShell cmdlets with 484 views for the year.

What I find interesting is that I practically have no comments on any of my posts, I’m not sure as to the reason why, but if I’m answering your questions without the need to follow up then I must be doing something right 🙂

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Titan Solutions

Server Room Surprises


Last week I gave myself the task of cleaning out the server/store room. While I am not a fan of having the server room as a store room, its not my room or equipment so I have no say in the matter. Anyway while cleaning up the place I came across a bunch of old software and equipment that I was really very surprised to see in there.

Firstly a bunch of backups of the server… from 1995 – 1999…. on CD! Yes thats right, CD. Ok so find a box and through them all in there for archiving.

Next on the list is a Compaq C140 Ultra portable computer circa 1997…awesome!… docking station… more awesome… still works… bigger awesome….. wait… hold on… what am I going to use it for?

Compaq C140 Ultra Portable

I also uncovered some old and forgotten software, first up iSYS ver 5, boasting 32-bit for Windows 95! I have never used iSYS in the present or the past. So apart from the age of the software I dont really have anything to add. Maybe someone on eBay would want it? haha

iSYS Version 5

Also on the list is Adobe Acrobat Professional 4 which is boasting that it works with Windows Office! So thats handy to have, again maybe eBay

Adobe Acrobat 4

Finally on the software front are a bunch of Microsoft and Lotus disks, which I am keeping. Why? I do not know

In closing I have 1 final picture, which was not found in the server room, but in the laptop bag of a recently fired employee

Laptop Bag Surprise

Yes there condoms and all I can figure is, when he told work to go fuck itself, to at least use protection!


Software tracking

Just Trying out Wakoopa. Not sure what to make of it at the moment, but I think its cool that it tracks all your software and how often you use it. I dont know if it has any real world uses for me, but meh, seems like fun.

I love my Drobo!

Got my Drobo on Friday, and I must say I very happy with it. The reason for investing in a Drobo (which are quite expensive in Australia and Data Robotics doesn’t ship to Australia) is because 2 weeks ago, my main mass storage device (a 1TB Western Digital) external HDD died after it fell about 5cm onto the floor. Most stuff I could get back, so I wasnt so worried about that,  except for all the pictures of my kids…. I have to say I was fairly annoyed about the experience.

 A couple of days later I calmed down and tried the freezer trick on the 1TB HDD, which worked, and continues to work now, which is a bonus, but I still got my Drobo cause I don’t want to have to go through that again.

For those of you that don’t know, Drobo is a type of RAID storage device. It uses something called BeyondRAID storage technology, which while it works the same a RAID 5 is allows you to mix and match your HDDs. A standard RAID device doesnt let you do that and I didnt really want to buy a whole bunch of the same drive after just forking out $650 for the Drobo.

RAID 5 is striped disks with distributed parity, which means is puts parts of a file across multiple disks. BeyondRaid has the features of RAID 5, plus many more like Instant Expansion,  Automatic Healing,  Data Aware,  Mixed Drive Size Utilization and Drive Re-Ordering.

 The only useful drives that I have lying around to use are a couple of 160GB and a 320GB, but it does the job. I’ve started copying data over to it and the blue indicator lights down the bottom let me know how full the drive is getting so I dont have to log into the Drobo Dashboard to find out.

I took some pictures as I unboxed my new toy.

While it doesnt connect to the network that really isnt an issue for me as it will be connected to a always on PC, be it Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 and I can just share the drives out from there.

All in all I am very impressed with this product!

Not so much resting…

What a terrible time the last couple of weeks have been. There hasnt been too much resting at all going on at work, though the last week has taken the cake.

We run a McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance at work, which was running version 4.5, but 4.5 will fall out of support with McAfee in Feb 2010, so we had to upgrade.

Upgrading the RAM wasnt an issue, but after a fresh install of the new OS (No in place upgrade from ver 4.5 to ver 5) and reconfiguring (can’t import the settings from 4.5) we have been hit with no end of problems…. Web being blocked, email being blocked, downloads running extremely slow etc. Oh what fun and games.

Then what I thought was part of the web issues with the appliance turned out to be an ISA 2004 issue instead. Why do these things all spring up at the same time?

I got a shipment of keyboards in today to replace some old ones, and of course I am one of the last people to find out that there sitting in reception so I have had half a dozen people come up and ask when there getting a new keyboard already… Give me a break, there is more important things that need fixing before I worry about keyboards.

hopefully next week will be better….


Welcome to A Resting Sys Admin (Tales of Bordom)

What my plans are is to update this as often as possible with all the wonderful stuff that I have to deal with as a sys admin/IT support person.

I did want to start this last week but found that my time was in rather limited supply with preparing for our yearly DR test and seeming as it was my first at my new company I had quite a bit to learn about what is needed from me.

I also had a saga trying to find out which battery was needed for my UPS, which I found and replaced during last nights outage so I didn’t get home until late last night, but I will update them all individually.