We have a IBM UPS 3000XHV here at work which had an old battery what was discharging every night, sometimes several times a night.

After some research I found out that the battery was about 4 years old and thus needed to be replaced. This is were the fun started….

This UPS is a re-branded APC UPS so finding what type of replacement battery I need should be easy right? No. Giving the model, part number and serial number to IBM I was told that the serial number is wrong, the part number is too short and that they just plain old cant find any information about it in the system.

Over to APC who does recognise the internal serial number (which is the serial number that is displayed through the UPS web page) but as its an IBM I need to purchase the battery through them.

Back over to IBM, at this stage I got a photo of the IBM sticker that lists the S/N, P/N and the M/T Mod, only at this stage did they acknowledge that its a IBM product but are still unable to explain why its in the system.

I then purchased the battery from them, when it arrived, it was in a APC box anyway!

Installing the UPS wasn’t a big problem at all and took literally 5 minutes, and I was able to achieve this during a scheduled outage to move our server room onto essential services for the building instead of the microwave and kettle.

All in all, I have learnt that even IBM sometimes need photographic proof of there own hardware, before beliving that the customer isn’t just calling them for the fun of it.

For future reference the battery needed for an IBM UPS 3000XHV is a RBC43

APC Installation RBC43