A good hard look at the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

On the 27th of April 2013, the Backup Exec guys hosted another hangout, this time about their new Backup Exec 3600 Appliance.

This was a great hangout that really broke down what the 3600 appliance is and does.

Unfortunately there was a brief drop out of Google Hangouts for about 20 seconds at the 22:44 mark

My main take away from the whole thing was how easy it is to install and get backing up, 33 minutes! (and that includes 5 minutes for unpacking and 18 minutes for rebooting)

The hosts of the hangout are:

Matt Stephenson (@PackMatt73) Product Marketing Manager; Social Media
John Damon, Product Marketing Manager; Backup Exec 3600 Appliance
Michael Gallagher, Product Manager; Backup Exec 3600 Appliance
Mike Garcia

Important links:

The Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance- evaluating the Out-of-Box Experience

The Hangout

You can click on the links to jump to that part of the hangout.

Backup and Recovery Got you Down?



Licensing Link: http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO59010

Appliance Overview


Intel Relationship


Essential Protection Suite vs Total Protection Suite


Google Hangouts drop out Sad smile


Google Hangouts resumes Smile

Under the hood


Out of box experience


P2V conversion





  1. Single Site
  2. Sister Site and Remote Office
  3. Virtual Environment

If you have any questions regarding this hangout, hit up Matt on twitter (@PackMatt73) or use #SYMChangout and he will get back to you

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Announcing the Hangout with Backup Exec 2012 Engineers series

Better Backup For All

Backup Exec has just announced that they are starting a series of Google+ Hangouts with Backup Exec 2012 engineers starting Wednesday 12th June 2013, starting at 1pm EDT, which makes it about 3am Thursday morning Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I think this is a great way to get your questions answered by the guys who really know BE better then anyone else and I am sure that if you support Backup Exec you have some questions or ideas that you would like to pass onto the engineers.

Below is the info from Facebook and Google+

Are you a Backup Exec user?  Do you ever have wild ideas about how you could better use this solution?  Ever run into a technical issue?  How would you feel about Hanging Out for an hour with a Systems Engineer & a Technical Support Engineer to go through whatever is on your mind regarding Backup Exec?
Backup Exec is pleased to announce a series of Google+ Hangouts beginning Wednesday 12 June at 1.00 pm EDT/10.00 am EDT
These hangouts will be open forums with customers, partners, and employees addressing any questions or concerns regarding Backup Exec 2012.  Our featured technical experts will be Systems Engineer Travis Larson and Technical Support Engineer Michael McNally.  They will be here to take your questions and suggestions and talk with you about all things Backup Exec.
Come Hangout with us.  Like Bill Cosby said “if you’re not careful, you may learn something before it’s done.”

Make sure you click on the Google+ Event Invite and say your going to attend!

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Things I’ve Learnt from Implementing Backup Exec 2012 Deduplication

This week I’ve been working on changing the backup solution for a client from Symantec System Recovery + Backup Exec 2012 to Backup Exec 2012 with Deduplication.

While this sounds like it would be a simple process of installing the BE agents and disabling the SSR backups, it turns out that there is still some ticks you can employ. I’m going to go through what I have learnt during the week and hopefully it will assist others with any of these issues in the future.

Backing Up the Media Server

If you are going to backup the media server, there is a couple of things you are going to need to consider first.

  • Do NOT backup the deduplication volume
  • Do NOT backup the system state

To exclude the dedup volume, its as simple as editing the backup selection options for the server and de-select that volume.

Media Server 001

To exclude the system state, edit the backup selection options, expand Shadow Copy Components, User Data, and de-select Backup Exec Deduplication Storage. If this is the only option under Shadow Copy Components, you can de-select it at that level.

Media Server 002

After you do all of this and complete a deduplication you will receive a warning that you have backed up to a local deduplication storage device, this is only a warning, and you can ignore it as you should duplicate to tape for off site backup anyway.

Media Server Backup Warning

Backing Up Physical Servers

When backing up the physical Windows servers I have found I get the best results from configuring the snapshot to use the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Server (Windows 2003 and later), and then selecting to use the System snapshot provider. I also disabled the checkpoint restart.

Physical Backup - Advanced File Open


Virtual Servers

Unfortunately virtual servers weren’t on the schedule this time round, but that should be coming up sometime in the future and I’ll post my tips here when that happens.

In the meantime I suggest that if you are having problems with deduplication and virtual machines I suggest reaching out to the Backup Exec guys at:

@BackupExec on Twitter or #BackupExec
Symantec on Google+
Symantec Connect Fourms

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know by leaving a message or hitting me up on twitter.

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Setting Network Interface Priority On Windows 8 with PowerShell

Yesterday I posted a blog on Setting Network Interface Priority on Windows 8 with the GUI, today I am going to show you how to do it with PowerShell.

Firstly you are going to have to run PowerShell at an elevated prompt, to do this, simply right click on the icon and click “Run as Administrator”

Type Get-NetIPInterface to get a list of all the network interfaces on your system. The 2 interfaces we are looking for are Ethernet and Wi-Fi, both on IPv4


The Interface Metric is set to auto, and have been assigned 10 for the Ethernet and 20 for the Wi-Fi

To change this type the following to set the interface metric on the Ethernet interface to 5

Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceAlias Ethernet -AddressFamily IPv4 -InterfaceMetric 5

Now change the Wi-Fi interface to 1

Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceAlias Wi-Fi -AddressFamily IPv4 -InterfaceMetric 1

Now if we check the Get-NetIPInterface you will see that the interface metric for the adaptors Ethernet and Wi-Fi have changed to 5 and 1 respectively

You can also specify either IP4 or IP6 by changing the AddressFamily to either IPv4 or IPv6

Remember: You must do this for all active NICs to make sure they are in the right order.

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Setting Network Interface Priority On Windows 8 with the GUI

Since upgrading to Windows 8, I have had problems with applications working with the proxy at work, ISA 2004.

As ISA 2004 is going to be decommissioned in the next couple of months, and the fact I have way too much work on, I opted for the easy way out, get my internet access from the guest wireless while using my wired connection for my domain related activities.

First type “view network connections” and click on the first option. This will throw you out to the Desktop and open the Network Connections window.

ViewNetworkConnections       NetworkConnections

Right click and select Properties for the network adaptor that you wish to change the priority for.

Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), if that is what your using and click “Properties”

Next click the “Advanced…” button in the bottom right hand corner

EthernetProperties         InternetProtocolVersion4Properties

Untick the “Automatic metric” and type a number in the “Interface metric” box. The lower the number the higher the preference.

AdvancedTCPIPSettings        AdvancedTCPIPSettingsInterfaceMetric

Click “OK” on all the windows to close them out and your done.

In my configuration, I set the wired connection to 5 and the wifi connection to 1.

Remember: You must do this for all active NICs to make sure they are in the right order.

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So what, exactly, is this Backup Exec V-Ray Edition?–Recap


This months Google+ hangout with the Backup Exec team is all about V-Ray edition of Backup Exec.

The hosts of the hangout are:

Matt Stephenson, Product Marketing Manager; Social Media (@PackMatt73)


Scott Baker, Product Manager (@PScottBaker)

Important links:

Download Backup Exec V-Ray edition – http://www.symantec.com/backup-exec-vray-edition

The Hangout

You can click on the links to jump to that part of the hangout.

What does ‘per processor’ licensing mean?


What features are included in the Backup Exec V-Ray Edition?


How does the Backup Exec V-Ray Edition work in a virtual and physical environment?


Licensing Scenarios for Backup Exec 2012 V-Ray Edition


Scenario 2


Scenario 3


Scenario 4


How you can get V-Ray for free!

Symantec is giving Microsoft MVPs and VMware vExperts the opportunity to get V-Ray for free. Click the links below to apply.

If your a vExpert you can apply here for your free supported for 1 year copy of Backup Exec V-Ray Edition

Microsoft MVPs can apply here for your free supported for 1 year copy of Backup Exec V-Ray Edition

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Backup Exec Beta FAQ


This morning the Backup Exec Beta team posted an update to their blog answering some questions they have been getting surrounding the beta program.

Here are the key points that I took away from this update.

  • You must have Backup Exec 2010 or Backup Exec 2012 already installed on your system. The beta will be delivered as a Service Pack update and should be installed as such (SP3 for Backup Exec 2010 and SP2 for Backup Exec 2012).
  • This initial delivery of the beta will only support remote protection (Agent for Windows) of Windows Server 2012, this means that Backup Exec must be installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box or lower.
  • No multi-server jobs will be available in the initial release of the beta, the job monitor will also not be available..

Links to trail version of Backup Exec and Windows Server

Backup Exec 2010 https://www4.symantec.com/Vrt/offer?a_id=91912

Backup Exec 2012 https://www4.symantec.com/Vrt/offer?a_id=142338

Windows Server 2008 R2 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd459137.aspx

Windows Server 2012 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/evalcenter/hh670538.aspx

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